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ITPP(Myo-inositol Triphosphate ) 1g Sachet

ITPP(Myo-inositol Triphosphate ) 1g Sachet


What is ITPP?

ITPP is an allosteric effector of hemoglobin that increases oxygen availability to tissues. In other words, ITPP doesn’t increase oxygen to tissues itself, but rather enhances the ability of red blood cells to do so

ITPP Use in Bodybuilding and Sports

At this time, ITPP is only approved for non-human research. Furthermore, it’s banned in sports because it gives athletes an unfair advantage. ITPP is used to get a performance boost. Some cyclists and other endurance athletes have used this drug as an alternative to Erythropoietin (EPO). Many popular bodybuilding forums also contain threads where posters discuss their use of ITPP and its benefits.


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