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Platinum Anabolics Mastebol (Masteron Enanthate) 200mg/mL


Platinum Anabolics Mastebol (Masteron Enanthate) 200mg/mL

Masteron Enanthate is a good choice for the athlete looking for a boost in strength and more so than often given credit for. Most steroid users only use Masteron when cutting, when calories are low and strength is necessarily diminished. But for an athlete looking for a boost in strength with little to no weight gain, this can be a solid choice. The athlete should also find improvements in recovery and muscular endurance, and regardless of the end goal recovery and endurance are both invaluable.

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Masteron Enanthate, also known as Drostanolone Enanthate, possesses specific unique properties in bodybuilding that set it apart from other steroids. Let’s delve into the scientific explanation of its advantages and recommended dosages for men and women, with a focus on the context of Australia.
  1. Anti-Estrogenic Activity: One of the key benefits of Masteron Enanthate is its potent anti-estrogenic activity. It competitively binds to the aromatase enzyme, preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This characteristic is particularly advantageous during cutting phases when reducing estrogen levels can help minimize water retention and promote a lean, dry appearance.
  2. Androgenic Potency: Masteron Enanthate exhibits strong androgenic activity due to its structural modifications. This property contributes to increased muscle hardness and vascularity, providing a more chiseled and defined physique.
  3. Synergistic Fat-Burning Effects: Masteron Enanthate’s anti-estrogenic and androgenic properties work together to produce synergistic fat-burning effects. By reducing estrogen levels and promoting a leaner physique, it aids in achieving a lower body fat percentage and enhancing muscle visibility.

Recommended dosages for Masteron Enanthate vary based on gender and experience:

  • Men: For male bodybuilders in Australia, a common dosage range is approximately 300-600 mg per week. This is typically administered via two to three injections to maintain stable blood levels. Advanced users may opt for higher dosages up to 800 mg per week. However, it’s important to monitor for potential side effects and adjust the dosage accordingly.
  • Women: Due to its androgenic nature, Masteron Enanthate is generally not recommended for women in bodybuilding. However, if used, the recommended dosage is typically lower, around 50-100 mg per week, divided into two to three injections. Women should closely monitor for any signs of virilization and discontinue use if such effects occur.

Platinum Anabolics Mast E is manufactured in Australia by ausjuice and ausmeds


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